Have you been released by your previous coach…
After being told you’re not taller enough?
‘Advised’ you’re not good enough?
Or have you just been overlooked?

Does this sound familiar?

In 2016 Pro1 Goalkeeping Academy teamed up with Academy sports
and launched the UK’s first full-time goalkeeping college.

The college fulfils the need for continued support of goalkeepers aged 16-20, an age at which they are commonly released. Too often young goalkeepers with potential are released for not being developed enough, too small physically or simply not good enough. Pro-1 will be looking to develop you over 18 months to reach your full potential whether this is playing as a professional or semi-professional.

We strongly feel that this could be too early as it’s been scientifically proven that our bodies don’t physically stop developing until around 21 years and our mental development continues until mid-20’s, although we never stop learning.
The pro-1 college course tackles both of these concerns as the student trains professionally four days per week on an intense goalkeeping programme whilst continuing their academic education. (click our academic education page to view courses)

The Pro-1 goalkeeping college course was designed by professional goalkeeper and coach Dean Neil.

His reputation of excellence in goalkeeping has provided him many opportunities in his football career and coaching opportunities in different countries around the world such as Spain, Italy, Slovenia and Greece.

Head Coach, Dean, designed a syllabus combining foreign and English goalkeeping terminologies to great success, the program has produced 65 goalkeepers to professional clubs in the last 18 months.

Who is the Pro-1 college course for?

The course is for those looking to become professional goalkeepers, it is demanding physically, mentally and will push you to your limits. Goalkeeper development is the priority of the course, therefore the academic side has been designed to not affect the training schedule.


Whilst this course does offer academic qualification, if goalkeeping is not your first career priority this is not the course for you.

However we must stress that the academic side is imperative to development and progress, it has an important role as a safety net if you fail to reach your full potential as a goalkeeper or we haven’t found you a club placement.

How will Pro-1 work for me?

Head coach, D.Neil, is a well-respected professional goalkeeping coach and also works as a coach educator in Madrid, Spain delivering UEFA B and A licenses. His experience will helpsuccesful candidates to develop and progress whilst continuing their education.


 As a scholarship student Pro-1 will showcase you in matches and arrange club trials from semi-professional to professional level and any signings and contracts will be managed by Pro-1. If you are successful, you are not just signed and moved on, we support you with career guidance and any contractual legal matters.
In June 2016 D.Neil help secured first professional forms for H.Girling (Millwall) H.Beasley (Wolves) T.Brown (the Nike Academy)

Does the above describe you and your ambitions?

To be emailed to Dean Neil at protekglove@googlemail.com or returned in person

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