Pro-1’s Youngsters are really pushing the grade!

Over the past year, Pro-1 have recruited lots of new goalkeepers from the ages of 5-9 years old.

With an already incredible cohort of goalkeepers, aged 10 and above, earning individual fantastic reviews, Head Coach Dean wanted to experiment.

With Pro-1s already challenging syllabus, not only mentally, but physically and technically, Dean wanted to see if the young goalkeepers could take on the challenge. With a few minor adjustments to the syllabus it has now been greatly received.

Head Coach Dean said “Our young goalkeepers are doing well, in fact, fantastically”’

We have really implemented how important it is to research their role and observing how other goalkeepers train is another fantastic way to learn.

Head Coach Dean said, “I am observing goalkeepers as young as 7 years old, who are understanding positioning, are being socially active and performing outstanding technique”

We currently have two young goalkeepers, where professional clubs are bidding up to £18,000 to secure their signatures which is fantastic for not only those individual students but for the team at Pro-1. We also have seven 8 year olds signed at professional clubs and a handful of other clubs contacting me on a weekly basis for others.

Head Coach Dean said “It’s really important the goalkeepers stay kids and enjoy their football. They receive category 1 training with Pro-1 and at the ages of 6-9, they have plenty of time to develop. I’m so proud of all our goalkeepers, they all work extremely hard. In success, no-one sees the hard work these lads put in behind the scenes, and I congratulate their fantastic commitment to our Pro-1 Training. I’m very excited to see what the future brings for these promising youngsters.”


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