Pro-1 Madrid training camp

This May 27-30th, Pro-1 goalkeepers will be taking part in 10th tour of Madrid, Spain. Goalkeepers from the age of 6-16 will attend a four day intense training program.

The program will see them train with well regarded Spanish coaches learning different terminologies, learn how nutrition plays a important part in performance, rest and recovery and experience how professional goalkeepers live.

The goalkeeper will have a life experience training in professional stadiums, staying in a 4star hotels, being transferred to training in new coaches.

This year, we have a great number of parents attending who can share the experience and also get time to see the fantastic sights of Madrid.

Head coach Dean said “Again we have a real bunch of quality goalkeepers going, who show great enthusiasm and have bags of talent and I’m very excited to deliver such a great experience.”

There are limited spaces available for this amazing trip.  If you would like to join us, then please let Head Coach Dean know or one of our Pro-1 Coaches.  The overall cost is £790 per student goalkeeper and £500 for accompanying adults.  We hope you can share this amazing opportunity with us for this once in a lifetime experience.


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