Pro-1 Goalkeeping Scholarship is a winner for students

September 2016 saw the start of our goalkeeping scholarship programme, a programme that head coach Dean designed specifically for goalkeepers aged 16-18.

There is a national predicament of goalkeepers being released at 16 for reasons such as not taller enough, not physical enough or even just not been noticed – who really is developed mentally or physically at 16? So Pro-1 came up with a solution, goalkeepers can now apply for this scholarship to receive professional training with Dean whilst continuing their academic education too.

The goalkeepers are responding really well, having purposeful hours spent on attention to detail aspects of there game, experiencing game time with teams in the national conference and teams in the college leagues.

On the education front targets are also being met with excellence, so if a goal of becoming a professional football player is not met they will be able to gain a good occupation to compliment their semi-professional careers.



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