Here, goalkeeper enthusiasts can read the latest news and opinions of Dean, who is regarded as one of the best goalkeeper coaches in the country. You will also find details of all Pro-1’s upcoming courses.

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More than this 🧤⚽️

Well done Igor 🧤⚽️


As Quick as That ⚽️🧤


Small goalkeepers v Tall goalkeepers

Goalkeeper warm up 

Trialist from Bermuda 🧤⚽️

The Pro-1 Goalkeeping Academy 

F R I D A Y  N I G H T  G O A L K E E P I N G 🧤


Another week of success 🧤⚽️

Getting it done 🧤⚽️

Some good apples here 🍎🍎

Another district goalkeeper selected

Bringing each other on …

Goalkeeping 🧤⚽️

🔥🔥 Intense learning holiday session 🔥🔥


Goalkeeper of the month ⚽️🧤

Development means change ⚽️🧤

Goalkeeper of the month award 🧤⚽️

Dressed for success ⚽️🧤

Online Goalkeeping Course 🧤⚽️

Pro-1 Online Goalkeeping Course

Pro-1 Covid-19 statement

We could be hero’s 🧤⚽️

Great session last night ⚽️🧤

Intense Beginners learning 🧤⚽️

We often receive emails and messages on what is our intake age….🤷‍

Fantastic start for the Pro-1 Goalkeeping College

Quick look behind the scenes at the Pro-1 Goalkeeping academy 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Check out these u10 goalkeepers

New 20/21 term Pro-1 college students ready ⚽️🧤

Pathway to excellence 🧤⚽️

Goalkeeper coaching and Development 🧤⚽️

Keeping You Safe… Keeping Us Safe

Did that just happen ???? Coaching goalkeepers online

Usual suspects 😂😂

Hard at it ⚽️🧤

Here you see 10 year old george of the Pro-1 Goalkeeping Academy.

Well done Pro-1’s Jazziah 🔥🔥🔥

Pro-1’s Online coaching gone biggggg⚽️🧤

Here you see an online session with Pro-1 goalkeeping academy

Tomorrow we Train like Navas 💎⚽️🧤

New goalkeeping lockdown/quarantine workout

Online Goalkeeper coaching course

Online goalkeeper coaching

There may be a world pandemic…

Bond between brothers ⚽️👊

Another great session 👏👏

Really talking to this Online Training 👏👏

Online Goalkeeping Course

From the sin bin to goalkeeping 🧤⚽️

Tim Krul penalty hero Tottenham V Norwich City

Roman earns Ipswich Trial


Work experience students 🧤⚽️

Rainbow 🌈 Flick with confidence 🧤⚽️

❤️❤️Pro-1 Half Term Goalkeeping Course ❤️❤️



Kent Goalkeeper of the month 👏👏

Precision and movement Goalkeeping Art

Goalkeepers training really well

Who’s been released, dropped or not believed in?

Another Pro-1 8 year old turning heads 👏

New year running

Well Done Mckenzie 👏

Goalkeeper Training


Understanding Nutrition ⚽️🧤

🎄Christmas goalkeeping course 🎄

New Pro-1 Venue Opening


🔥🔥🔥No coincidence Here 👊⚽️👀

College Applications Now Open

From Wolverhampton to Pro-1

Discipline in our technique

FAIL: First Attempt In Learning

Pro-1 presents… The October half term intense goalkeeping course

Great Danes F.C Brentwood

Goalkeeper Triallist from Panama 🇵🇦

Pro-1 goalkeeper selected to represent the district 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Goalkeeper of the week ⚽️⚽️👏👏

Observation is learning ⚽️🧤

The New Pro-1 Thurrock Goalkeeper Centre 🔥🔥

Concentration is key


Girl Power

🔥🔥Pro-1 College Goalkeepers 🔥🔥

🔥🔥🔥 Dominating 🔥🔥🔥

Ahmadd joined for our Pro-1 intense training week

New course announced: Summer goalkeeping course and fun day

Thurrock goalkeeping session means business

Goalkeepers just keep winning 🧤⚽️

Girls Goalkeeper Coaching

SUPER H ⚽️⚽️⚽️🧤

Essex Goalkeeper coaching for girls ⚽️🧤

Goalkeeper coaching for girls

Pro-1 Goalkeeping Presents The Summer Camp

The formula of wining?? Sign a Pro-1 Goalkeeper ⚽️

Another successful Madrid training camp 🇪🇸

Young goalkeeping Talent is above Barr 👌

Make it happen !!!!!!

Thurrock, Essex goalkeeper coaching

Macie on the path of woman’s goalkeeping 🧤

Kicking off fundraiser in style

Pro-1 welcomes French goalkeeping trialist

Pro-1 presents the May half term goalkeeping course

Goalkeeper coaching at its best 🧤⚽️

Pro-1 Bronze Goalkeeper Training Package

Thurrock goalkeeper coaching – passing drill

Another Pro-1 Goalkeeping College signing🧤✍️

Goalkeeping College Open Evening

Pro-1 Easter goalkeeping course

Thurrock Goalkeeper coaching

No words needed ………🙌⚽️

New Goalkeepers for College Term 2019/2020

Woman’s goalkeeper training 

Thurrock Goalkeeper coaching session

Super proud of this 1 👏👊

The Road to Professional Goalkeeping

Tuesday Night Sessions

Pro-1’s Youngsters are really pushing the grade!

Rio earns 8 week trial at Watford

Pro-1 Madrid training camp

February half term courses

International student 🙌⚽️

Development 🙌 ⚽️

🎄Pro-1 xmas Day course December 23rd 🎅

Essex county call ups 🙌⚽️

The Pro-1 Goalkeeping Full time college course

England schools trials 🙌 ⚽️

Where are they now 😱

Welcome to Pro-1 👏👏

Bulgarian goalkeeper arrives

Free Physio therapy for all Pro-1 Goalkeeping students

Another 2 Pro-1 goalkeepers make the district xl

The Pro-1 October Half term goalkeeping course

Summer 3 day training camp

13 year old goalkeeper from ireland attends Pro-1 for a trial

⚽️ New Summer course dates released ⚽️

Pro-1 presents our summer goalkeeping camp in Basildon

Goalkeepers of the year 🙌⚽️📸

Women and girls goalkeeper coaching

Another 2 rewarded captaincy 🙌⚽️

That time of year 🙌⚽️🏆

What a great end to our 2nd Term 👏👏

Be the best

Observational learning

Pro-1 Madrid training camp May 2018

European success for walker

It’s a triple celebration for Rhys 👏👏👏

Pro-1’s D.Confrey receiving his first international cap

May Half Term Goalkeeping Intense Day Course

Well Done Oscar 🙌⚽️👏👏

From America to England to professional goalkeeping

Ronaldo overhead kick goal for Real Madrid

New sponsor The AB Salute Gym Lakeside

Next years oak trees 🌳

New red shirt captains selected

Goalkeeper of the month award

Delivering exciting news

Easter intense goalkeeping day

Pro-1 welcome Alex from Florida

Not just about the Goalkeeping

Strength & conditioning


Trialist heads back to Australia, but will be back!

Australian Goalkeeper on Trial with Pro-1 🇳🇿

DEVELOPMENT 🙌⚽️🇬🇧🇹🇷🇺🇸🇳🇿🇦🇷🇪🇸

A year in football is nothing 🙁

🙌 1st Captain Selected ⚽️


English Schools Call Up For Pro-1 Student 🇬🇧 🇳🇿 🇹🇷 🇺🇸 🇦🇷 ⚽️ 🙌

FA VASE First Round Proper

Another Pro-1 student signs for professional club


This is what the Pro-1 Goalkeeping College is all about

⚽️⚽️⚽️From Pro-1 to the F.A Cup ⚽️⚽️⚽️

Youngest goalkeeper in non-league football

Another Pro-1 keeper selected for district side

Learn and develop at home

The world is round and football shaped 🙌⚽️

Term 2017/18 Ready to go

Observing is learning

🙌⚽️ WE GO AGAIN 💻✏️

Preparation equals performance

Practice, Learn, Develop

Well done 🙌⚽️

Pro-1 Goalkeeping Academy v F2

Looking at the world through a young goalkeepers eyes 🙌⚽️

Train like you play ⚽️ Play like you train 🙌

Pro-1 Goalkeeper gets selected for filming ⚽️ 📽

Pro1 presents summer intense goalkeeping day course

Another great season

Madrid goalkeeping tour 2017

Pro-1 Goalkeepers hit Pre-season

Frank Lampard and Graham la Saux pop into Pro-1

Pro-1 Goalkeeper wins play off final with Millwall

Nike Academy student enters Pro-1

Learning the role of goalkeeping mentally & technically

Committed to goalkeeping

👏 Pro-1 Goalkeeper of the month award 👏

Poland v Wales – a Success!

Committed to training and education

Easter intense goalkeeping day Thursday 6 April

From 9 years old to Pro-1 College student 👏🙌⚽️

Another Welsh call up

Pro-1 goalkeepers just keep earning rave reviews

Thanks to Tom Heaton

Conor’s 1st Goal!

Goalkeepers aged 6-8 years are really shining

More to goalkeeping than just great saves

The Young Goalkeepers Guide

From strength to strength

It’s a new era!


France v Wales

Another professional goalkeeper celebrated

George scores man of the match


Well done for man of the match winners

Pro-1 Goalkeeping Academy v the f2

Stronger, fitter, better

5-7 year old’s will be my class of 2025

J.Skeels shows skills

A district team selection and a big trial for C.Dillon

Madrid Goalkeeping Tour 2016 Recap

Bookings open for our next Madrid goalkeeping course

Pro-1 Goalkeeping Scholarship is a winner for students

Ones to watch out for!

Invitation to West Ham Utd for these PGA keepers

Christmas break intense goalkeeping course

Goalkeeper management

October Half term goalkeeper course

A big well done to Liam

Train to play

Does your child choose to take their own goal kicks?

Braintree Town signing for Josh

Cambridge Utd trial for James

Trial application all the way from Lebanon

A great kick-off for our full-time college course

Educational Valencia visit for coach M.Downing

Southend United impressed by academy player

Young Goalkeeper of the month

Progression for Phoebe

Goalkeeping course in Madrid