From the sin bin to goalkeeping 🧤⚽️

I first met this young lad at a birthday party Pro-1 had organised for another 7 year old boy. However the young man spent most of the party time in the sin bin for bad behaviour 🤦‍♂️😂

Then 3 weeks later he arrived for a assessment at Pro-1 as he was a goalkeeper, at first me and the other goalkeeper coaches looked at each other and laughed 😂😂

However… Big personalities are hard to manage, but big personalities will win you games!

One year on and this lad is developing really well technically and socially. He is mastering the work hard ethic we expect, as well as knowing when to have fun 👏👏

Ryan now has been invited to join our intense learning program ⚽️🧤where we will look take his development to the next level.

Enjoy the video clip


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