Development means change ⚽️🧤

We see many goalkeepers arrive at pro-1 wearing shin pads, names on back of thier shirts little to no technique but with hearts full of passion.

Within 8-10 weeks parents start to see a dramatic change in performance, their aspiring young goalkeeper starting to move around the goal more efficiently and technically.

Then 12-16 weeks other parents start to notice and give compliment, other team coaches approach you and offer compliment.

This Young prodigy has gone from a novice to a figure now turning heads with fantastic performances.

As we progress the goalkeeper on to the next stage of the Pro-1 syllabus we now really build on that foundation learning different terminologies.

We are now 20-26 weeks into the excellent syllabus and questions are starting to be asked …goalkeepers are asking why team players are not taking up correct positions, why players are not keeping possession , communicating or have the ability to combine 8 passes.


The team the goalkeeper has been in from 7 years old hasn’t changed …you the goalkeeper have changed ,you have developed and simply out grown your team, this indicates it’s time to move on. Now the move can be a pick of 5 teams as many have been impressed with your performances.

Now the move can be emotional but you must stay positive, be thank full for the memories and great times but now it’s time to give your a head a wobble focus and embrace the new start .


Players utilising you more , communicating , defenders wanting to play, the opposing striker with better quality is able to really test you now ⚽️🧤

You will make new friends and adapt ..but make no mistake you are there to do a job and the above process will rotate.

Settlement will only reach you when you at full potential.

When you walk on, off the field you remember 1 thing !!!!

🔥You are a product of PRO-1 and be proud🔥


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