Bond between brothers ⚽️👊

Every team I’ve ever played for I’ve always made the point of really getting to know my defenders, not just the way they play but their personalities and personas.

This helps hugely in game time, knowing what actions they are comfortable and uncomfortable with.

To have the confidence or to instill confidence into defenders reassuring them you want the ball and you can play will make life a lot easier.

Trusting you in communication,when and where to put that ball ,if you demand away they trust your judgment and don’t compromise.

The photo says a 1000 words 💙

My boy Leroy knows I like to come and be effective, if we can’t catch can we still be effective??

‼️👀 closely at the way he holds off the incoming strikers to ease my decision, Leroy knew as the ball took flight in that zone that I would be driving to cut out ,so he stalls the path of the strikers showing a great footballing brain.

This relationship isn’t just built on the pitch, it’s built in training, bonding on the coach and communicating.

Goalkeepers get to know your defenders ⚽️

Defenders get to know your goalkeepers 🧤

The relationship is worth 15 points a season.


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