As Quick as That ⚽️🧤

Football is a funny old game 

Pro-1’s Paige has been performing really well and started to turn heads.

After a impressive performance on the Sunday ,this was followed by a call from West Ham.

Paige was straight into training on the Thursday then asked to play in a trail game on the Sunday.

Following a solid performance , forms wore signed and now Paige is a West Ham ladies goalkeeper.

Easy A ??

What you have missed 🤔 is the hours and hard work Paige puts into her training week in week out and has done for 4 years now .

In lock down she was one of the first to sign up for our online course enabling her to keep sharp and focused .

We don’t coach many girls but when we do we get results .

Other popular success pro-1 girl stories are 

  • Great Britain ladies Olympic squad 
  • Watford 
  • Millwall 
  • West Ham 
  • Chelsea 
  • Essex county 👊

We have a few talented 10-12 year old girls who I’m sure you will be hearing about in the near future .


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