Another successful Madrid training camp 🇪🇸

June 1st saw the return of 25 Pro-1 students who had just completed a four day intense goalkeeping training camp in Madrid. The Madrid training camp is a yearly event pro-1 has been doing since 2009.

All goalkeepers trained at three professional clubs and learnt the insights of Spanish syllabus of goalkeeping to learn new technologies with professional coaches in Spain.

Despite the tour having so many benefits technically there is a lot of life skills demonstrated such as taking responsibility for the application of recovery and nutrition punctuality overseen by the Pro-1 coaches.

Our schedule was as follows:

Day 1 Two hour training session at La Liga 2 F.C Alcorcón.

Day 2 Three hour session at the league of free club FC Alamo with head coach Dean. 

Day 3 A three hour session at the Academy of Atletico Madrid with professional coaches. Then onto a tour of the Real Madrid stadium.

Day 4 A visit to Warner Brothers theme park Madrid

Head coach Dean …

Every year we try and give to students and parents the experience of a lifetime letting them see the insight of being a professional goalkeeper, how they live, train, recover etc.

We train the lads at a very fast intense pace and it’s important to also show the values of nutrition , hydration, injury prevention and recovery.

What we do off the field affects our performance on the field.

All Pro-1  students worked very hard learning the Pro-1 syllabus and it was great to see them putting it into action with goalkeepers from the age of 7 to 16 years old adapting to new terminologies and new environments.

For me a big thing as a goalkeeper is being able to compromise and improvise in situations and so to see the goalkeepers all adapting was a huge compliment to the coaching team.

I analysed every individual who attended and was so pleased with the results receiving so much good feedback from Atletico Madrid and the other professional clubs.

I spent many years coaching in Spain and making friends in football in which we all came together to produce another experience of a lifetime for the goalkeepers, training at such great facilities and ensuring all the goalkeepers truly feel part of something.

I believe these tours give the keepers motivation and parents motivation to keep committing and supporting their child’s dream.

We knew the course this year was going to be intense so for the first time we had a reward on the last day we took all the goalkeepers and parents to the theme park Warner Brothers in Madrid where everybody had loads of fun.

I’d like to say a big thank you to all the goalkeepers who attended, their parents and all the coaching staff for all of your hard work.


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