From America to England to professional goalkeeping

A Rewarding Experience in Every Sense

We were pleased to hear of this recent great news for one of our foreign trialists Bryce Billington from America.

Bryce attended a weeks trial with pro-1 which was extended to 2 weeks for great performance. Bryce needed tidying up a little technically but really accepted new terminologies well. We arranged a few games for Bryce in the Bostic league Where he performed well and started to create interest.

International clearance was successful and the due to the young Americans good form he had several offers to play here in the UK.
Bryce then returned back to the states with a whole new look on goalkeeping and a lot of thinking to do.

Leaving home, family and friends is a big move and one that is very emotional so I always advise the youngsters to think it through. After a lot of media interest in the USA Bryce was now offered trials from decent teams in America which for now he has decided to take. Click the link to find out more

I believe Bryce will be back but I also believe for the time being he has made he correct decision.

For more information on our foreign goalkeeper scheme check our trials page



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