From 9 years old to Pro-1 College student 👏🙌⚽️

A great photo of a young 9 year old L.Kingsley after a session at the Pro-1 Academy.


A picture of Loui now aged 17 half way through his 1st term with the Pro-1 full-time goalkeeping college course. The Pro-1 Academy now supports these young goalkeepers in football, a dream head coach D.Neil set out to do in 2009.


Dean said… “Too many goalkeepers slip through the net or get left on the scrap heap, now goalkeepers of Pro-1 goalkeeping academy can progress into our college scheme and achieve academic qualifications so they have other options to fall back on if their footballing goals are not met. I am very proud to be running the first full-time goalkeeping college in the UK”


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