13 year old goalkeeper from ireland attends Pro-1 for a trial

Pro-1’s reputation of excellence is known worldwide and we receive many applications from goalkeepers wishing to come in and train. Most commonly we have a lot of professional goalkeepers take advantage of our offer to train with us or young 16-18 year olds who are there or thereabouts in terms of ability.

This time we chose a different select programme and invited 13 year old Conor in simply because he is an absolute goalkeeping fan with loads of enthusiasm to develop. It was great to see this young lad come in and just absorb as much information as he could. Arron’s eye to hand co-ordination was fantastic and he started to pick up techniques fantastically after simple instructions.

The one aspect Arron really learnt was the fitness side, although he’s an active lad back in Ireland with limited access to professional coaching he struggled with the physical demand.

To top the session off we brought a lad in from Australia to train with him so he could observe another terminology.

All in all a great learning experience for the 13 year old and great for Dean to witness how well his coaching is received, admired and motivates goalkeepers  world wide.

A big well done Arron and no doubt we will see him again!



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